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Kings Bay Hockey Presents

Winter Cup II

Saturday March 6th 2010 Kings Bay will be hosting it's second Winter Cup! Winter Cup II.

The Tournament will be a two game elimination style tournament.

The games will be held on Saturday's and should last no more than three weeks.

Each team will be expected to play two games on each day of the tournament.

We are shooting for eight teams or more.

Rounds One and Two will be held in the same day and will be a full day of hockey at Kings Bay starting at 11:00 in the afternoon and running till each team has played two games.

Rounds three and four will be held the following Saturday and assuming we have eight teams there will be six teams left.

The following week will be the Championchip round.

As soon as we have eight teams confirmed we will set a date in stone and move forward.

Winning team will get Trophy's and more.

Rounds 1 to 4 will be consist of two running time twenty minute periods. If the game is within two goals in the last period we will use stopped clock during the last three minutes of play.

To enter your team and for more info call

John 718 213 8487

Tournament Rules
Round one, teams will be picked out randomly to play each other. The winners of round one will go in the Win bracket and the losers will go in the loss bracket.
Round two, the teams in the Winners bracket will play the teams in their own bracket while the teams in the losers bracket will play each other. All teams in the losers bracket will be facing elimination. Two teams will be eliminated after round two of play.
Round three, the two teams who lost from the winners bracket in round two will fall into the loss bracket to make a total of four teams in the loss bracket and two teams left in the winners bracket. The top seeded team in the loss bracket will go against the lowest seeded team in the loss bracket with the middle two loss bracket teams facing each other. High seed to low seed will be decided by +/-, next stat to decide higher team will be most goals scored if the two teams are still tied. If the two teams are still tied the matches will be draw at random. Two more teams will be eliminated from this round. The two wining teams will play each other with one of the teams falling to the losers bracket.
Round Four, There will be one team left in the winners bracket and three teams left in the loss bracket. The team in the winners bracket will play the lowest seeded team in the loss bracket and the two middle teams will face off against each other.
Round five: If the team in the winners bracket wins the match against the low seed from the pervious round they would have to lose twice to the team left in the losers bracket, one win will bring them the Winter Cup because they would have no losses at this point. If the winning team loses to the lowest seed from the pervious round we will have three teams left. The top seeded team will get a bye while the other two teams face off against each other. The winner of this game will play the team with the bye for the Winter Cup in Round six
Round six is a if necessary round. This round will only occur if the team left in winners bracket loses game to team in loss bracket or if there were three teams left in pervious round.
Overtime Rules: In rounds one and two over time will be 4 on 4 for 5 minutes and if game is undecided we will go to a shoot-out (3 shooters on each side). Rounds 3 and 4 will be 4 on 4 till we get our winner (no shoot outs). Rounds 5-6 will be 5 on 5 till we get our winner. (no shoot outs). Overtime losses are still losses and are only used for tie breaking reasons in standings. All Regular season rules apply to tournament except OT rules, please have your teams read rules page here.