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(Rumors / Transactions page) Find out the latest Player News, Deals, Swaps, just plain rumors and more here.

2/26 With the Aeros Gravesend combination in and a Brandon Baurbuto team lead by Joey Jensen complete rosters of these two teams have not yet to be revealed. Stay tuned as more info on these two highly anticipated rosters and team names will be posted shortly.

2/26 Marine Park (LB) complete their defensive pickups acquiring speedy defenseman Steve Noto and stay at home dee man Joe Zadvadyas. The Park squad is all ready to defend.

2/24 With an all Geritsen Beach team coming into the LB AKA the Donkey Punchers, the Marine Park defending champs lost two key players in the line up Kevin Cooper and Mike Dakalakis. Quick on the Draw Marine Park quickly picked up solid draft defensemen Julian Prine and still need to fill in two spots.

2/22 With the big acquisitions going down in the BIG B Shooting Blanks capo Pat Mulroy went to work with the new season almost upon us. Two big names that have been mentioned to be wearing green next season are Rob Alibrandi and Mike Goucher. Scoring should come easy if these rumors hold true.

Rob Alibrandi
Mike Goucher


2/22 Rob Mazzuchin is reportedly stepping back in as a captain in the draft. As a draft captain he is one for one meaning he won the championship the only season he picked a squad. He runs a tight ship so be prepared possible draft picks.

Rob Mazzuchin


1/11 Word has it that the Reapers will be taking off a season or two and with some of the Reapers putting themselves on the open market a deal was reached with Mike Diccico and his Kings. Former Reapers dressing in a Kings Uniform for the Winter/Spring season will be Joe Jensen, Andrew Manson and Jesse Hetzler.


The addition of the three big names in the Bay will add more offensive punch and defensive stinginess to the Kings.

In other Kings moves Steve Balsan will come out of the pipes and play forward with Giovianni Petre back in the line up. Billy Fox's name was mentioned as possible back up. I'm sure Steve will still get his share of games as a Kings net minder.

Also, Walter Gilroy will be back in the line up for the new season. With all these King moves this team could be back on top of the heap again.

There is also talk of a new Kings Jersey.