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Kings Bay Hockey Rules update:

Spring 2012 season
Rule Changes/Points of Emphasis details

Changes for Spring 2012 Season:

1- Name Change - "Little B" Division name formally changed to "Strong B" Division. The LB has come a long way since it's inaugural season with only four teams. We are now six teams strong this current season and we were due for a name change. The Division is now called the "Strong B" also know as the "SB".

2 - Overtimes - Four-on-four OTs have been eliminated in BB and SB divisions. All games tied at the end of regulation will now proceed directly to shootout (minimum three rounds, until decided).

3 - Playoff Eligibility - Any player appearing in less than the four regular-season games needed for playoff eligibility (adjusting for forfeits), can play subject to successful appeal from Team Captain. Suitable extenuating circumstances must be present (injury, work change, etc), and decision will be made by committee (to be determined). Captians wishing to appeal for specific player(s) MUST notify commissioner at least FIVE days player to division's first scheduled playoff date - NO EXCEPTIONS.

4 - Assistance/Major Infractions - Off-rink league officials located in booth WILL be permitted to assist on-rink referees for the purposes of determining major infractions and/or instigators. Their assistance will also be permitted for the purposes of evaluating possible suspensions resulting from in-game actions.


Points of Emphasis:

1 - Major Infractions (stick usage/body checking) - As this is a non-checking league, referees will be paying extra attention to infractions of a physical and/or potentially injurious nature, particularly stick infractions and intentional body-checking. These fouls will also be more closely called late in games in which the result is no longer in doubt. Major penalties for all such infractions will now be imposed and all such penalties are subject to league review for the purposes of issuing suspensions.

2 - Abuse of Officials - Players are to be permitted to have their say in the heat of the moment, however:

a) players/coaches must refrain when told to do so by officials.
b) profanity and personal insults directed at ANY official (including questioning of partiality/integrity) will be subject to minor/major/ejection and league review for possible suspensions (particularly of repeat offenders).
c) it is also agreed that referees should remain respectful of all players, and any official directing such language back at players will likewise be subject to review.

3 - Game Times - It is the goal that all games will be started in as close to timely fashion as possible (thus the removal of 4-on-4 OT in BB and SB). We will be returning to the policy dictating that the game clock begin running at 7:20 pm even if players are not ready. If one team/goalie is not prepared to start and the other is, the late team will start with a delay-of-game penalty.

Thereafter, all games are expected to likewise start no later than five minutes after their scheduled time, or after the conclusion of the previous game.

** Special Emphasis - After the completion of your game, ALL PLAYERS MUST EXIT BENCH AREAS AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE!

Let's have a great season!