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Kings Bay Hockey Rules Page:

  1. Game Length: The Game will consist of Three periods. Each period will be 15 minutes of Running time. If the game is only a two goal deficit, the clock will stop on whistles under 2:00 minutes of play in game. Example: Score is 3-1.
  2. Non Checking League: If you hit someone you will be called for a penalty.
  3. No Tie Games: If a game ends in regulation time a tie score, there will be a 5 minute 4 on 4 overtime. If there is still no winner we will go to a shoot-out, 3 guys on each team. Then it will go to sudden death till we have our winner.
  4. Icing: If a puck is iced we will have a automatic whistle. There will be no touch up icing.
  5. Offside: We will play with off sides. There will be no two line passes. You can pass the puck over two lines and long as you are on Side.
  6. Penalties: Penalties will be called at refs discretion and fall into seven categories: Minor Penalties, Bench Minor, Major, Misconduct, Match, Game Misconduct and Penalty Shot. Penalties will be stop clock, not running time.
  7. Fighting: Fighting will not be tolerated. You fight you will be out of the game and get a one game suspension. A second fight will get you throw out of that game and a two game suspension. A third fight we'll see you next season.
  8. Equipment: Equipment that must be worn in the games are as follows: Helmet with half or full visor or full cage. Hockey Gloves, Shins and elbow pads and protective jock cup. In-line skates or quads.
  9. Helmet Rule. If your helmet falls off during play, you must stop play and go for your helmet. If you continue play, ref will blow whistle and you will get a 2 Minute penalty.
  10. Rosters: A: All players must be on the roster! Any use of illegal players will result in a forfeit by the offending team. Players may only play on one team. Only exception if a team needs a goalie and the other team agrees they can use him. B. All Rosters must be finalized by the 4th game of the season. You submit a roster before the first game, but you can add players to your roster by the 4th game. After the forth game you can not add anymore players to your roster. All players must play in at least 4 games of the regular season to be edgeable for the playoffs. Attendance will be taken before each game. There will be a sign in sheet.
  11. Lateness Rule: A 5 minute lee way will be given for a late team. After the 5 minutes is up, the game time clock will begun to run. If the clock reaches 10 minutes the opposing team will receive a goal. If the team does show up before the end of the first they will begin the game with a 2 minute delay of game penalty and a one goal deficit. If the period ends, the game is a forfeit.
  12. Mercy Rule: After two periods of play if the game is a 10 goal deficit the game will be over. If a team has a 10 goal lead in the second period and holds it till the end of the second period the game will end after two period. The game must be at least two periods long.
  13. Stats: Stats will be taken, We would like for everyone to have matching jerseys with numbers on the back. We will take stats of goal scoring and the assist to the goal scorer. Goalies win loss record and goals against will also be recorded.
  14. Time Outs: Teams will be allowed One time out per game. We will also allow the goalie an extra time out in the Summer Season to deal with the heat.
  15. Respect the Refs and Each Other: Refs will hand out penalties for misconduct on the rink and game suspensions at there discretion for abuse of officiating.
  16. The Hand Shake. We will practice Good Sportsmen ship in our league. After each game both teams should lineup and shake hands for the honor of the game and respect for each other.