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Kings Bay Champs Spring Summer 13
The Bay Brewery Champions Spring Summer 2013! The Champs from Left to Right: Josh Rosen, Matt Galeano, Alex Morozov, John Borruso, Phil Rykala, Rob Molina and Harry Nugressor!
Total Offence!
Hockey Camp Paid Off!
Newly Weds and a Cup!
Straight Business in the Bay Galieno Holds it Down!
I Don't like Beer but in this case i'll have one!
Josh Rosen participates in the Classic Cup Slurp!
All he does is drink from CUPS!
The King of Complaints has the last say!
His hair remains perfect!
No Words can explain Rykala!
All about the Silver... yeah!
Fill that!
Harold Holds!
Phil lays donw his first pucker in the Bay!
Come On Now!