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***- Rules Update

4/26/15 Week 4 Posted! Standings and Stats Updated! 4/24/15 Knights Of Columbus Roll Out, Gravesend on Grind, Brown Street Stroll and Dragons break the Lock! Bill Strong would open up the scoring for the Knights and four would follow as the Knights of Columbus would register the win with Tom Galligan shinning with two and Steve Shut-outski earning the donut. Gravesend and Beach Rats would bump heads and the game was a good one. The contend was a 3-3 knot all the way till the 2:52 mark of the final session when Gravesend forward Tony Evich would slap home a Carl Marraco feed that would hold up to be the game winner! Brown Street was flash and dash setting up a win as B. Divine lead the charge with a two goal night. Chris Brown of Brown Street set up three of the four tallies as BS moved on with a 4-1 winner! Dragons held a 5-2 lead early on in the second but GBU would fight all the way back to even the score only to see big dee man Ralphie Luddini slam home the game winner with under a minute to play in the fist pump of a win! STats and Standings shortly along with a Week 4! Connect Soon! 4/22/15 Rain Out! 4/19/15 Week 3 Posted!!! 4/17/15 Standings, Team and League Leader Pages Updated! A Week 3 Schedule Shortly! 4/17/15 Bay Brewery Bounce Back, DeRangers Fly and All In For A Third Straight Win! Bay Brew would get two goals each outta Carr, Cheng and Gillispie on their way to a 7-4 winner. They would tail 2-0 in the first but would out score their opponents seven two the rest of the way for a 7-4 winner. The next game would see nineteen goals scored combined in a Dragons DeRangers confrontation with the DeRangers earning a dozen. This game was filled with highlight reel goals as the Konstantinidis Duffy duo excelled, combining for a fourteen point night it was magic on asphalt! Team Captain Jason Weston was also a magician with a four goal five point night. The last draft contest of the evening was a battle with the two involved All In and the Hansons trading goals in the first two periods of play for a 2-2 knot heading into the final session. All In's Kyle Gonnan and Dave Kalman would both hit mesh with Dave's goal being the game winner in the 4-3 thriller! A full week of Hockey Completed in the Bay! It has been a good one. All the juicy stats, standings and a Week 3 schedule will be posted by tonight! See you next week friends.

"Kings Bay Hockey"


(Highlighted Teams Have two Games This Week)

Tues. April 28th
7:15 Hansons vs Pitbulls
8:15 Brown Street vs Mariners
9:15 Bay Brewery vs Hatrick Swayze
10:15 All In vs DeRangers
Wed. April 29th
7:15 Hatrick Swayze vs Hansons
8:15 Beach Rats vs NOMAAM
9:15 GBU vs Bay Brewery
10:15 Gravesend vs Brown Street
Thurs. April 30th
7:15 NOMAAM vs Marine Park
8:15 DeRangers vs Pitbulls
9:15 Gravesend vs Knights of Columbus
10:15 All In vs Dragons
Kings of the Bay, Gravesend Champs Winter 2014-15! From Left to Right. Jerry Arze, Adnon Aksalic, Ralph Luddeni , Steve Noto, Alex Morozov, Joey Risitano, Carl Marraco, Rob Molina, Andrew Naggy, Charles Sbriagto and Mike Burke.
DRAFT KINGS! Dragons Winter Champions 2014-15! From Left to Right. Carl Marraco, Mike Byrne, Harry Nugressor, Mike Daskalakas, Genero Soriano, Scott Adelle, Jesse Hetzler, Charles Sbrigato and Mike Levitin.

When Parking your car at the rink, please use back in parking. Cars are being issued summons.